Research Infrastructure

Provides secure, performant data storage and processing environments for a diverse range of research needs, including high-performance computing (Wynton HPC), inter-institutional collaborative research (RAE), and centralized data center services for large datasets (FAC).

Research Analysis Environment (RAE)

RAE provides research teams with a professionally managed, secure, collaborative environment in which to manage files containing sensitive data. RAE also provides remote desktop capability with applications that allow investigators to view, manipulate, and save their data entirely in a protected environment without requiring files to be stored on their own computers. It is available to all UCSF students, faculty, staff, and any non-UCSF collaborators who are sponsored by a member of our community.

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High-Performance Computing

Wynton HPC is a large, shared high-performance compute (HPC) cluster underlying UCSF’s Research Computing Capability. Funded and administered cooperatively by UCSF campus IT and key research groups, it is available to all UCSF researchers, and consists of different profiles suited to various biomedical and health science computing needs. Researchers can participate using the “co-op” model of resource contribution and sharing. The Wynton HPC environment keeps growing as more users discover it and more groups buy into the co-op model. Each contributing member brings more resources and compute power for everyone based on a fair-share model where contributors get higher access priority than non-contributing members.

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Facility for Advanced Computing (FAC)

The FAC provides secure, performant, and budget-friendly compute and data storage services to the UCSF researcher community. Research departments store and access petabyte-scale datasets via FAC-hosted virtual machines, department-owned baremetal servers residing in the FAC, and other research assets within the broader UCSF network premise. This new enterprise-class data center is available to select UCSF research labs and faculty, with increased capacity and availability coming soon!